"Look, look and look again, then maybe you will really start to see..."


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Want to Go Exploring??

The summer is a time for exploring. We take vacations, go visit friends, go for walks or go to outdoor concerts….. in short, visit places we don’t go in the colder months.. These are great opportunities to take photos. Now […]

Sorel boat_DSC2951

What Are You Doing Tonight??

Night is one of my favourite times to photograph… everything appears in a way we don’t generally see them. Things which are ordinary by day, become fantastic at night and you need to really look for light and form…The colour […]

Rendez Vous Photo du Richelieu

Hi everyone, Summer is finally here! The weather is great and I am teaching some workshops which are coming up that will take advantage of the temperatures. For those of you that need a little push, I am giving 2 […]

All in a weekend with Pierre Landry

Did a great interview on CBC radio! All in a weekend with Pierre Landry. It can be heard Sunday morning between 8:00 – 8:30 AM. If you are too sleepy you can go on the CBC website and hear it […]

It’s hot outside!

So it’s here! It is hot and humid. Do we actually wait for this? I think the wintery cold is easier to escape from. Here are a few new images you never saw just to bring your temperature down! I […]

Back in Montreal

So I am riding high on the winds of the Gaspé, floating on the wonderful vibes from my launch and my exhibition opening. It was a wonderful experience – more than I ever could have imagined: surrounded by friends from […]

A dream

I had to pinch myself that night! My opening and book launch has happened after 3 years work. It was amazing! 20 friends from Montreal, my sister and many of my sponsors surrounded me. It was a fantastic evening, very […]