"Look, look and look again, then maybe you will really start to see..."


PT MTL 1797

Featured Image #3 The Mystery of Night

The night has always fascinated me. There’s something about the unknown, unseen, and mysterious quality that is both attractive and repellent. It feels edgy; one is never sure what’s around the next corner, and yet there is a sublime beauty […]


Featured Image #2 My Forest Thoughts

The forest is a repository for images, memories, and imagination. I love to walk through the trees looking up, looking down, and allow the spirit of place to take me into my head. There’s something about the way the light […]

Botanical Gardens Moon Gate

Featured Image #1 Moon Gate, Montreal Botanical Gardens

This is a new type of blog post. Each week I will choose an image from my archives, tell the story behind it, and what inspired me to take the photograph. In Chinese culture, a moon gate is a traditional […]

webster fall copy copy

Colour Me Fall

     One of the special things about living here in Canada is the change in the colour palette each season. Although I am not thrilled about the cold that has arrived, it is fascinating to notice the subtle shift […]


What do you think????

With the launch of my outdoor exhibition on Mont-Royal Avenue E., which is displayed from September 4th through October 27th, between Henri-Julien Ave. and Rue de Bordeaux, I find myself feeling the stress that comes with preparing for a show. Even […]


Thoughts on Life and Photography

For the last four days I have been in the Gaspe for Les Rencontres Photographiques de la Gaspésie. It was stimulating and thoughtful. I met, talked and ranted with like minded people who love photography like myself. As I drove […]

Bic, Quebec


This week I will be travelling again down to the Gaspe. What I love the most about it is the water; its constant presence, its reflections and its colours. The skies above it are always different. But the water, the […]