"Look, look and look again, then maybe you will really start to see..."

Steeped in History Once Again

Thursday October 30th, 2014


I am back in the desert again. haunted by the presence of caravans and camels.. visiting the traces of the perfume and spice routes through the Negev.

The light is pure and autumn brings a new perspective and a shorter day. It is still hot and dry but the layers of footprints on the sand of travellers and  tourists transport me and my footprints into a timeless and infinite space.

What a difficult life in this hostile yet dramatic environment.. how did they survive here? I look at the hand carved stones, the walls ,the stables, the rooms and shake my head.. The shadows follow me as I wander through these haunted ruins..How do I photograph this and convey the depth and the richness ..That is my challenge.



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