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Featured Image #3 The Mystery of Night

Wednesday October 22nd, 2014

PT MTL 1797The night has always fascinated me. There’s something about the unknown, unseen, and mysterious quality that is both attractive and repellent. It feels edgy; one is never sure what’s around the next corner, and yet there is a sublime beauty about it; a sensuous silky quality where light bathes objects and corners in a softness that is not seen during the day. This image was taken in the old section of the city near an old market. I love the juxtaposition between the classical columns and the car which is parked on the street. The tree and its shape connect the two segments and the blast of light in the distance draws us towards it. As I have been a photographer for so many years it is exciting to work at night where everything appears in a fresh and unique manner. This image is a Polaroid transfer, it’s made in a special transfer machine which takes a coloured slide and re-photographs it onto a piece of Polaroid film which is then rolled and developed onto a piece of water-coloured paper. Every image that is made is unique, and the edging is one of its characteristics. Then the original Polaroid transfer which is about 4inches by 5 inches in size is scanned to enable me to enlarge it.

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