"Look, look and look again, then maybe you will really start to see..."

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Turn Your World Upside Down

             New exhibition New courses New ideas Hello my friends, Hope you are having a great summer. The fall session is right around the corner and I want to let you know about certain activities […]


Summer Is Here!

Summer is finally here. I hope you are out photographing and visiting interesting places. The long days give us lots of opportunity to take great photos in moody and dramatic light.It is such a wonderful pleasure to be out wandering […]


Don’t Forget to go Back

I often find in my wanderings that I like to return and photograph the same subjects over and over again. They change with the light, the season and my perspective. I always find it fascinating that I continue to be […]

Mexico 2105_3

Is it Really Here???

I have just emerged from the winter cave and almost believe that spring is here. Every morning I open the curtains and peer out with trepidation. Yesterday, there was snow again, today the sun is shining but it is cold. […]

00.201102 GAS_1686

Vernissage at Fotostop, at the Bas-Saint-Laurent Museum

Hi there, For those of you who missed my exhibition on Mont Royal avenue, here is a short video that will give you a quick look. http://vimeo.com/113766393 My friends in the Gaspe, if you are in the area of Riviere […]


2015 Here We Go!

     Just prior to the holidays I sent out my upcoming winter workshop list. In case you missed it, please note that workshops start next week and there are still a couple of places left. For those of you who […]

Annual Open House Sale!

Come and check out my books, prints, and cards for the holidays. Look forward to seeing you.   Thursday, December 4th:  1pm – 9pm And December 5th and 6th:  11am – 6pm   1001 Lenoir  -  Suite 523  -  Montréal  […]


Steeped in History Once Again

I am back in the desert again. haunted by the presence of caravans and camels.. visiting the traces of the perfume and spice routes through the Negev. The light is pure and autumn brings a new perspective and a shorter […]

PT MTL 1797

Featured Image #3 The Mystery of Night

The night has always fascinated me. There’s something about the unknown, unseen, and mysterious quality that is both attractive and repellent. It feels edgy; one is never sure what’s around the next corner, and yet there is a sublime beauty […]

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